Tuscany - Good food, fine wine, lazing by the pool. Fantastic! but now and again it's nice to get out and explore the breathtaking landscapes and tuscan art cities , which have inspired countless artists, poets and writers down through the centuries. If you've never been to a Tuscan city before it can be overwhelming, so much history crammed into such a small space can easily lead to culture overload.

One way of finding your way around is by using the latest technology, simply download an ipod guide from a great site called ITALY GUIDES. The excellent, informative (free) guides give you all the information you need to really enjoy a new city and whilst you are listening you can enjoy the view too. Guides are available for Major Italian Cities - Rome, Venice, Florence, Pisa, Siena, Naples.

Download the ipod Italian City Tour

Another site for everything you'll need when visiting an Italian city for the first time is Schmap, the site is full of dynamic destination guides for cities worldwide. First you download The Schmap Player, which is a small and easy-to-use piece of freeware. Install it on your Windows PC, select from the evergrowing range of interactive Schmap Guides and then... get Schmapping! - Dynamically explore a city or region - Play virtual tours of recommended hot spots - Find restaurants, bars etc. to suit your taste - Bookmark as you browse to plan your trip - Custom print your own destination guides

Every Schmap Guide comes with dynamic maps, useful links, playable tours, top picks, plus photos and reviews for hundreds of sights and attractions, hotels, restaurants, bars, parks, theaters, galleries, museums...

Check out the fantastic features in the Florence Schmap Guide, then download it for free!

We hope you find some of this info useful and the guides add to the enjoyment of your holiday in Tuscany.

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